Digitale Souveränität und Gaia-X

Episode 17: Digitale Souveränität und Gaia-X

Gespräch mit Jörg-Alexander Albrecht und Dr. Jürgen-Markus Sobotzik zur Digitalen Souveränität und dem europäischen Projekt Gaia-X.

Show notes

In diesem Podcast spricht Björn Brundert mit Dr. Jürgen-Markus Sobotzik, SPP EMEA Program Manager, und Jörg-Alexander Albrecht, Director Government Relations and Public Policy, beide bei VMware, über die Bedeutung und Wichtigkeit der Digitalen Souveränität, sowie das daraus enstandene europäische Projekt Gaia-X.


  • 03:04: Was ist Gaia-X?
  • 06:31: Souveränität: Politische Dimension
  • 11:57: Souveränität: Wirtschaftliche Dimension
  • 13:45: Souveränität: Ethische Dimension
  • 14:52: Souveränität: Technische Dimension
  • 16:12: Definition: Digitale Souveränität
  • 20:27: Handlungsfelder
  • 27:55: Gaia-X Struktur und Organisation
  • 38:04: VMware’s Rolle in Gaia-X

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Björn Brundert

Björn Brundert

Principal Solution Engineer, Application Platforms | Office of the CTO, Global Field at VMware --- Bjoern Brundert is a Principal Solution Engineer with focus on Application Platforms at VMware. As part of this role, he works with a variety of customers across different stages and industries on their digital transformation journey to cloud-native applications and platforms, mainly based on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. Bjoern is also part of VMware’s Office of the CTO, Global Field organization and facilitates continuous feedback between VMware R&D, VMware’s field organization and customers across Europe. Bjoern joined VMware in 2010 and has focussed on Virtualization, Cloud Computing and their implications on people and processes inside large organizations across industries. He is a regular speaker at industry events, user group meetings and meetups as well as other VMware-internal and public events. ---- LinkedIn Profil:

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